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On-The-Go Kitchen Sink

  • Wersja/model: vJ9NRElh
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When you're out camping or trekking, you invariably need to carry around a lot of things. Whatever you pack, just make sure you leave enough space for the On-The-Go Kitchen Sink. Trust us on this one, it's gonna be worth carrying around. Measuring just 1.6x5.9x5.9 inches when in the pouch, it sure is a small parcel that's big on utility.When opened up, the On-The-Go Kitchen Sink can hold a generous 20 liters of water. You can use it to wash your vessels or even yourself in it. The beauty of the On-The-Go Kitchen Sink lies in its design. The stainless steel ring on top makes sure that the sink doesn't collapse while filled with water and the base being wider than the top assures that the sink wouldn't tip over while using. You could even use it with hot water and detergentIf you've been racking your brains over what to present your friend who's got just about everything, the On-The-Go Kitchen Sink would be a good thing to start with. In fact, it makes for a great gift iProduct dimensions (when in carry pouch): 4(H) x 15(W) x 15(D) cm / 1.6(H) x 5.9(W) x 5.9(D) inches. Product dimensions (unfolded): 20(H) x 35(W) x 35(D) cm / 7.9(H) x 13.8(W) x 13.8(D) inches. The On-The-Go Kitchen Sink holds 20 litres (5.2 gallons), weighs only 180 grams (6.4 oz) and is great for collecting water, washing dishes or personal bathing. Features: Unique design with stainless steel stiffening ring that prevents the sink from collapsing when full Base is broader than top so it won't tip over in use Fine to use with hot water and detergent Fully taped seams Wide webbing carry handles Comes with its own handy storage pouch